About The Artist

Ari October is based in the upper left region of the contiguous United States where they reside with their partner, tiny human daughter, and 3 cat daughters.

“Ari October” is, as you may have guessed, an alias. Ari prefers anonymity in this age of oversharing and surveillance capitalism.

Ari is someone who is strongly against proclaiming any specific medium or genre of art “isn’t real art.” This may be due to their love of both hyperrealism and abstraction, but it may also be because their art is the kind of art that may be labeled in such a way and that annoys them.

Ari is an advocate for all people embracing their creativity and making things that bring them joy. They live by the motto “MAKE BAD ART” because creating simply for the act of creation and not worrying about the results is, in their opinion, the most satisfying and least scary way to approach art making. Ari also struggles with perfectionism, and setting the intention to “Make Bad Art” is a way to give themself permission to make anything at all. After all, we wouldn’t have any good art if we never waded through the bad stuff.

Rather than make a list of factoids about themself, Ari would prefer if you simply read their blog posts to learn more about them. Ari would love to build relationships with their audience members, so they greatly appreciate comments and emails!