Okay, I did it. I drew. Here’s #Inktober day 1: “Fish”

I’m quite rusty after a few weeks of not drawing, but something is better than nothing!
He’s based on a butterfish. I think they just look much like the quintessential fish to me.

I’m going to be doing all my inktober sketches in the same small sketchpad I’m bringing with me on my trip to Texas later this month, for consistency, and because the small format is less intimidating given I’m just now getting back into daily drawing.

I will probably continue to do small doodle-y things like this, nothing too fancy because I’d like to complete the monthly challenge for once and if I try to be too detailed every day it’s going to wear me out. Which is exactly what happened last year, lol.

I’m proud of myself for pushing through the very strong feelings of not wanting to draw and making this little guy. He’s cute.

Art Block

…or something like that.

I’ve had no interest whatsoever in drawing lately. And I’ve been busy doing other things.
Pretty unfortunate given that I just bought the Copic Ciaos I’d been looking forward to getting for so long. I also have a ton of sketchbooks that need filling up.

I waited all year for Inktober to roll around again and now that it’s here I just feel no drive at all to make anything, and I don’t find the prompts particularly inspiring either.

I’m glad that nobody really follows this blog, so there’s few people for me to disappoint!
I’ll never be a famous or important artist anyway, and knowing that takes a lot of pressure off of me. I like knowing that nobody cares about me or my work, my life is mine to live as I see fit, even if that includes not drawing for a few months!

“Ex-Planner” Sketchbook – the fastest I’ve ever filled up a sketchbook so far!

My favourite spread in this one is actually the first one 0:
If you’d like to flip through this sketchbook yourself, check out the Google Drive folder!

As the name implies, this sketchbook was originally a planner.
I wanted to do something like a bullet journal for the conversion classes I had been attending but I didn’t realize how difficult that is to do without a dotted notebook.
I gave up quickly, and the book sat in my shelf for a long time. I realized that paper planners aren’t really for me anyway, I do just fine using my phone’s calendar app.

In October 2019 I started drawing in this sketchbook, but the 1+ page per day challenge wasn’t started until late December 2019(?), most of the sketchbook was filled between January and February 2020. 133 days total, from very start to finish.

But here are the rules I lived by for this particular sketchbook challenge:
>I, Ari October, had to fill at least one page per day with a drawing.
>Other people could help me fill pages, but those were bonus pages.
>The drawings didn’t have to be good, they just had to get done.

So not 100% of the works are mine, my wife also assisted me in my goal to fill this baby up ASAP 🙂 You can tell which are hers because she signs them as Jasper or Jazzy.
And quite a few of the pages in this one are just lazy plaid patterns and other very lazy pattern doodles, because it was a good and safe place to experiment with color pallets.

This time I didn’t include 100% of the pages like I did in the last sketchbook folder, because many of them were just journal entries that would not be of interest to anyone but myself. I included pretty much all the doodles though.
There’s a page where I left the journal entry visible because of the placement of the mandala doodle, but you can easily just not read it. I don’t mind either way.

I had a lot of fun filling this guy up. Not so much fun taking pictures of every page though, my legs went numb @__@ Had to make use of that morning light though! It’s the only way for me to take decent enough pictures of my art without extensive editing of each image.

Prompt drawing with our nephew! “Unicorn on a lazy Sunday”

This cute doodle took about 25 minutes total, just a fun little quickie.
Doodled on the white inside of a Banquet dinner box! #Upcycling 🙂
Like I always say, if it’s not glittery, why bother!?

I asked my wife’s nephew (or as I like to say: my nephew-in-law 😉 ) if he ever draws. Apparently he does! When he’s not playing video games or bored to death with school work. He said we should all draw together, using this prompt generator he downloaded onto his phone.
My wife and her nephew both went off something I said, since they were having trouble figuring out what exactly to do with the prompt. I said, “what do you guys do on a lazy Sunday, why don’t you draw a unicorn playing video games or something?” So they both did that. Hilarity ensued!
And I of course took a cutesy route, because I am a sucker for cute stuff. Plus, I had already grouped my 3 purple Copic Ciaos together, thinking about doodling a mandala or something, and figured that’d be a perfect pallet for a unicorn 🙂
Certainly not a masterpiece or anything, but this prompt got me drawing something I normally wouldn’t have even considered drawing, and I think the result is quite endearing.
I gifted the finished piece to my wife ❤

Triumph over procrastination!

A birthday present for my best friend that I procrastinated coloring for TWO years O_O
He stands at about 18” tall.

On my birthday (June 17th!) this year, I spent a good chunk of it finally coloring the birthday present I had started for my best friend an entire 2 years earlier.
Said friend’s birthday is now a little over a month away, which reminded me I’d like to post this here.

I was so incredibly relieved to finally have this done, but in the end I’m think I’m glad I finished when I did because my coloring skills had greatly improved in the 2 years since I did the line art! So super happy with the final product, he looks so cute!

The character is Punchy from Animal Crossing, the theme was “Fight Club Punchy”, because that’s what they asked for 🙂 I do like that movie a lot, a little too painful for me to watch nowadays though. I’m a lot more sensitive to violence than I used to be, and I have always been sensitive.

I encourage anyone reading to consider the projects they’ve been procrastinating, perhaps it’s time to decide to finish or ‘frog it’ 🙂

Inktober 2019

Unfortunately I ended up giving up in the first week, but I’m still really happy with the illustrations that came of it.
I’m really excited to give it another go this year, probably trying to theme mandalas around the prompts! I haven’t done a themed mandala in a while because they’re more effort, but they are so much more interesting.
Whatever I decide to do, I do plan on at least participating to the best of my ability. Wouldn’t be right if I didn’t, being an artist under the name October and all 😉

Trying to re-learn how to draw people

A funny first attempt at a non-stylized self portrait in quite a while. Not my worst work, but certainly not my best either. I can see a lot of what needs to be improved upon, facial anatomy and values being the biggest issues. The hair was also quite lazily done but I was mostly focusing on trying to get the features in the right place, which I still managed to fail pretty miserably at haha.

I don’t really like drawing people anymore. For the longest time, it’s all I did and I was never very good at it, so I got bored and frustrated.

I have found that a lot of YouTube sketchbook tours are extremely unrelatable because most of them draw people as their primary thing… I mostly draw mandalas, random objects or scenes from life, and my cats. creationsceecee is a nice exception to the rule, she primarily does more whimsical and abstracted watercolor doodles, I found her sketchbook tours very inspiring.

But since I have been getting bored of my mandalas I decided I would give people another shot. I strongly believe in actively pursuing the things that make you the most intimidated when it comes to art. For me that’s people, so I might as well get studying.

I don’t plan on trying to become a portrait artist or a cartoonist or anything else that requires me drawing people frequently, I just want to be able to say that I can do it!