Yet another sketchbook filled! That makes 4 this year!

Stickers courtesy of The Dollar Tree. I would love to credit the original artist but unfortunately they don’t so I have no idea who painted these lovely cacti!

These images are just a small sample of my favorite pages from this sketchbook.

The comic strips are collaborations with my partner, Jasper Rae. She did half the panels and I did the other half! It was a drawing game we came up with, one person draws a panel of a comic and then the other draws the next but with no communication or context other than the panel itself! It is based on other drawing games we’ve played and probably already existed in this same form before we thought of it, but nonetheless it is loads of fun and I highly recommend it!

I started this sketchbook all the way back in November of 2019, right after filling up the first sketchbook I ever filled from cover to cover! Most of it was actually filled in the last few months though, as part of my Art Supply No Buy side project of trying to finish up as many of my partially filled sketchbooks as possible. I “restarted” this sketchbook back in March, so it took only 4 months to fill the remaining 2/3 of the sketchbook!

While I won’t put a ton of pressure on myself to do so, I think it would be amazing if I actually managed to fill all of my semi-filled sketchbooks before the end of this year. I do own some blank ones still, so I won’t count those, but to just finally use the rest of all the ones I abandoned would be excellent. I hope to never abandon sketchbooks in such a way in the future, I plan on making much better purchasing decisions from now on!

I’ve got a couple things cooking in my drafts. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted (relatively, given how I used to go months between posts) I’ve just been rather busy lately! Thankfully it’s not because of procrastinating anymore, I’ve come to really enjoy writing and I look forward to making these posts.

I sincerely hope you are all doing well. Thanks again for all the support! See you in the next post, whenever that may be!

How it’s been going:

I’ve never actually drawn a comic before, as far as I can remember at least.

I’ve been trying to replace my phone habit with books. It’s difficult, even though I’ve gone out of my way to make my phone as boring as possible. It’s almost entirely utilitarian apps! The main problem is that taking off the web browser off is 1) impossible actually 2) not a good idea anyway because sometimes I rely on it when out and about for certain things.
I have this problem with compulsive googling and then reading way too much internet, most of which is just a bunch of people’s personal opinions and not actually informative.
Even after leaving the vast majority of social media I still find myself getting locked into scroll loops on my damn phone. When will I learn!?! When will I break the habit!?! I only use two hobby-specific forums, WordPress, and YouTube nowadays. I only use them on the computer, too. Despite this I still find a way to get distracted by that darned little screen.
I miss the days of dumb phones.

A wise person on twitter once said:

Literally my favorite tweet ever. Really encapsulates all my issues with the internet and TV.