Neurographic Mandalas

Using Mandoo I was able to combine the concept of neurographic art with mandala and I love the results!

Doing this traditionally would be a lot harder and probably not a “true neurograph” since one is meant to start a neurograph with a random scribble, but with a mandala-making program it is completely possible and very easy!

If you are interested in coloring these I have uploaded them all to my digitally-drawn coloring pages Google Drive folder, so please enjoy!

Neurographic Art

I recently discovered the joy of creating neurographic art. You can learn more about it here (click me!)

Neurographic art is rooted in psychology. It is a method to use artistic action to soothe oneself and problem solve. With Neurographic art you can turn your troubles into a colorful composition!

I’ve been so afraid to create lately. And by lately I mean the last several years. If you watched the short video I shared previously you will have some insight into how I’ve been feeling. So often making art feels fruitless to me and because of that I put off doing it.

Discovering neurographica has been a game-changer. It is soothing and grounding in a similar way to mandala, but with absolutely no skill requirement. Even with my freest of mandalas I still find myself trying to make them look good, but when it comes to neurographs it doesn’t matter.

I made one the other day in which I didn’t like the colors, one was too dark and it threw off the entire composition, so I simply discarded it. It was easier to move on from my mistake with a neurograph than it is with other forms of art. I didn’t feel that my time spent creating it was wasted, because it’s all about the process itself. Happening to like the finished product is just a bonus.

If you are feeling troubled, I recommend trying this craft. It’s fun and satisfying, and a great way to dip your toes back into creating if you’ve been struggling with fears about making art like I have.

You can use this technique to work through all sorts of hard times though, not just those pertaining to art! So if you’re interested give it a go, you might be surprised by the results!