6th sketchbook complete!!

2/3 sketchbooks filled towards my New Year’s resolution! Just one more to go! I hope to finish up even more than 3 as I have quite a few half-finished books in my cabinet.

I recently decided I must take a new approach to my art making: I must create with only the experience of creating in mind. I must create for the sake of my own satisfaction and not get caught up in the aesthetics of others.

Obviously I’ll still have a plan of what I want to create most of the time, but I must accept and even expect for plans to change as I go along. Some of my favorite features in my favorite drawings have come from mistakes!

This new approach is why I was able to fill this 30 page sketchbook in only 3 months. I started it on December 8th and finished it this evening of March 2nd. Otherwise I would have found myself frozen by my debilitating perfectionism and afraid to make anything others might deem “ugly.” Sometimes ugly art is the most fun to create!

I actually bought this sketchbook at The Dollar Tree! I knew I didn’t need any more sketchbooks but I hadn’t started my No Buy yet and just couldn’t resist trying it out. I was actually thoroughly impressed! I have had more expensive sketchbooks of lower quality. Not that it was anything super fancy, but it certainly got the job done. I enjoyed the texture of the paper and it took to all of my supplies much better than I would have expected.

Don’t let YouTube sketchbook tours fool you, most artists do not create only finished pieces. Most of us doodle and explore, making mistakes and messes. Some people keep sketchbooks that are only for finished pieces while simultaneously keeping a private sketchbook for scribbles.

On to the next one! Happy doodling 🙂


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